• Gallstone disease is the most common disorder affecting the biliary system. Gallstones  are hardened deposits of digestive fluid ( bile and cholesterol) that can form into a solid, pebble-like masses. These stones are formed in various size from as small as a grain of sand to as large as a golf ball.

  • Surgery


    Please refer to the instructions below in preparation for your surgery. Proper preparation is essential to obtain the best surgical experience and results. Please note that failure to follow these instructions may result in rescheduling your surgery. The team will contact each patient directly and will be available to answer any additional questions about surgery, scheduling and instructions.


    You may need a complete blood count (CBC), chemistry profile, PT, PTT. Depending on your medical history, your physician may require additional testing: chest X-Ray, EKG, medical clearance from your primary care physician, cardiac clearance from your cardiologist, blood work.
    We recommend that you have your blood work done at the hospital where you are having the surgery performed. If this is not possible, please notify the surgical scheduling team at 8884200030, 

  • Patient education

  • why us?

    Our minimally invasive Surgeons are well known internationally in their field. They are expert in the diagnosis and management of various conditions, and innovation of minimally invasive surgery techniques. Our team provides a personalised approach for each patient, offering advanced surgical solutions. Our surgeons educate physicians on innovative techniques through national,international presentations and web-based seminars.

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